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The Three Guyzers are three friends (for four decades!) who share a common love of motorcycles, wine, motorcycles, lounging at the cottage, motorcycles, drinking good wine, motorcycle, watching movies, motorcycles, boating, and motorcycles.  The Three Guyzers are (in order of beauty but not brains) Guy Lessard, Roy MacLean, and Tim Parker.  This site documents some of our motorcycling touring adventures.

Sadly, Guy Lessard passed on February 6, 2015.  This site, and all our memories, are dedicated to Guy.  A class act, a great rider, and a superb friend.  Guy, you are missed and always in our thoughts, every day.

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 In memory of Mark MacLean, the unofficial Fourth Guyzer.  And Guy Lessard, the official First Guyzer.

  3 Guyzers

3 Guyzers3 Guyzers